Google Analytics Discontinues Store Visits Reporting

Google Analytics Discontinues Store Visits Reporting

Google Analytics Discontinues Store Visits Reporting

Google is discontinuing store visits reporting in Google Analytics and will stop collecting new data at the end of October.

Tracking online y offline de visitas con Store Visits de Google Analytics

En este webinar te vamos a presentar los sorprendentes informes Store Visits de google Analytics, que nos muestran el impacto de nuestras acciones digitales en las visitas de los usuarios de a pié que acuden a nuestas tiendas físicas. Si uno de nuestros objetivos en el ambito online es captar usuarios en tienda física, estos informes nos ayudarán a analizar qué canales y campañas tienen un mejor rendimiento en la tracción a nuestos establecimientos. Podemos utilizar estos infomes para personalizar nuestros anuncios y optimizar la inversión. Aprovecha este periodo de inactividad y reclusión para abrir tu anlítica al mundo real con Store Visits de Google Analytics.

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Google Analytics Campaign Tracking // Back to Basics Walk-Through

In this updated ‘Back to Basics’ video you will learn how to track your inbound marketing campaigns using Google Analytics. You will learn about the URL Builder and were to find your campaign data inside your reports.


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New vs. Returning Visitors in Google Analytics

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I love me some user types! But this is the less fun version of showing you how useful they can be. New vs. returning visitors are incredibly useful to layer in with other dimensions.

In this short video, I walk you through what a new visitor is and what a returning visitor is. They’re exactly like they sound AND I don’t add in all the caveats that I normally do, so shorter video yahoo!

I also talk about why these two user types are important to your business. Returning users typically outperform new users across all important metrics–which is why you need to hammer them with value so they come back!

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Google Ads Tutorials: How to value your store visits

Learn how to measure the value of a store visit in order to optimize your campaigns based on the online and offline impact of your digital advertising.

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