Becoming An SEO Consultant: Skills, Career Outlook & Tips For Success

Becoming An SEO Consultant: Skills, Career Outlook & Tips For Success

Becoming An SEO Consultant: Skills, Career Outlook & Tips For Success

Taking the plunge into freelance SEO? Discover the pros, cons, and what to expect in this comprehensive guide to set yourself up for success.

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Can you become an SEO without a degree? An SEO consultant without a degree explains.

In this quick SEO FAQ video, you will get to know Olga’s insights and commentary on being an SEO and having/not having a degree.

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0:02 Introduction to the question of whether a degree is necessary for SEO success
0:49 Recommended degree to jumpstart in SEO
1:37 How to learn SEO if you don’t have a degree
2:50 Conclusion and final thoughts on whether a degree is necessary for SEO success

Yes, you can become an SEO without a degree. While a degree in a related field such as marketing or computer science can be helpful, it is not required to succeed in the field of SEO.

Many successful SEO professionals have built their careers without a formal education in the field. Instead, they have gained the necessary knowledge and skills through a combination of on-the-job experience, continuing education, and networking with other professionals in the industry.

It is also possible to break into the field of SEO through internships or entry-level positions, where you can gain hands-on experience and learn from more experienced colleagues.

In short, while a degree may be beneficial, it is not a requirement for a successful career in SEO.

How to ACTUALLY Learn SEO in 2023

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What’s the best way to learn SEO in 2023?

Start by watching this video because I’m going to show a simple 3-step process I used to become a so-called SEO expert.

Don’t worry:

This isn’t going to be one of those boring videos explaining what SEO is.


You’re going to learn a proven process for learning SEO fast.

The third step is a little odd so make sure you watch the entire video to find out what it is.

And here’s something cool about this way of learning:

You can apply this exact framework to any skill you want to learn.

Think about it this way:

Learning your first and second language is the hardest (so I’m told).

So learning your first digital marketing languages won’t be easy.

But once you learn 1-2 skills like SEO, everything gets much easier.

Especially when you have the process I’m going to show you at your disposal.

Watch the video now to learn SEO the right way.

Here are some of the resources I mention in the video:

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Watch the new SEO masterclass:

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How To Become an SEO Consultant

How To Become an SEO Consultant

Search engine optimisation (SEO) consultants may be the most sought-after profession. With businesses spending more and more on SEO, there’s never been a better time to pursue a career as an SEO consultant. The best SEO consultants are always in-demand and are well compensated financially.

Do you want to boost a site’s SEO, rising up the rankings? Do you want to use keywords to increase traffic and generate more site sales?

SEO consultants work with a diverse array of clients. But you don’t need to be a top SEO consultant to master SEO. Anyone can learn the secrets and help their website get noticed. However, with many freelance SEO consultants having patchy knowledge at best, it’s important you can demonstrate your skills

Here we’ll explain what is an SEO consultant, how much they earn, and how you can become an SEO consultant too.

What Is An SEO Consultant?
Search engine optimisation or SEO is the process of “optimising” a website to appear higher in a search engine’s rankings. The goal is to attract more traffic to a website, meaning more customers and – potentially – more profit.

Sounds simple, right?

Wrong! With an ever-changing algorithm and multiple search engines, getting ranked isn’t as simple as adding a few keywords to a blog post or home page. It’s an intensive process. And often involves fixing problems on an ongoing basis.

Companies often hire SEO consultants because they lack in-house expertise. They also acknowledge the critical importance of search rankings for a business.

With over 50 percent of traffic coming from organic searches, SEO is perhaps the most important part of a businesses’ marketing. Failure to rank won’t just see less traffic. It prevents a business from reaching its potential.

Little wonder SEO consultants are in-demand.

SEO consultant specialists will need to conduct audits and regular reviews of the site. Months could be spent fine-tuning everything from the lines of code to the keyword selection to maximise a site’s rankings.

Indeed, none of the major search engines release guidelines for ranking. That’s why hiring an SEO consultant is so critical.

They know what works and what doesn’t using their experience, connections, and a little educated guesswork.

What Is The Work Of An SEO Consultant?
Some businesses enjoy the luxury of gaining traffic through word-of-mouth or real-world interactions. For most, it’s a difficult process of continually refining their site: local SEO, on-page SEO, link building, marketing, technical performance, and more.

Nothing is standardised. Every website necessitates a bespoke marketing strategy and SEO plan. That’s what makes the best SEO consultants… the best.

SEO consultants start by analysing the current website to develop such a plan. Technical SEO consultants will inspect the bones of the site, e.g., page loading speed, mobile-friendly, XML sitemap.

But that’s not the only skill in the SEO arsenal.

To successfully rank a site, SEO consultant specialists also use:
Local SEO
Keyword research
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
Target audience research
Internet marketing
Competitor analysis
Internal linking structure
Technical SEO understanding
Backlink building
Analytical tools, e.g., Google Analytics
Up-to-date knowledge of search engine algorithm
These Skills Are Often Grouped Into Four Primary Areas:
Local SEO,
This links your online business with real-world premises. So, when a customer searches for bakeries in their local area, your local bakery is the top result. (Or whatever business you specialize in.)

On-page SEO,
On Page examines individual site pages, tweaking content or HTML source code to rank higher and earn more traffic. This technique is one of the most effective methods small business owners use to get noticed.

Off-page SEO,
also known as off-site SEO, involves any action not taken on the website itself. Rather, through backlink building, you can increase a site’s trustworthiness, improving its overall ranking.

Technical SEO
is the most complex, involving the raw code and functioning of the site. These are optimised to speed up loading times, ensure the site is mobile-friendly, create an XML sitemap, and more.

Using these skills, the best SEO consultant will develop their SEO strategy. Plans usually target a six-to-twelve-month period – devising content to fill the site.

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